The Birth Trauma Study is being conducted by the WMACP Sponsored by The Positive Pregnancy Journey Organization.

We hear you, see you, validate you and hold space for you.

Your story is fuel to the fire of change that is set upon an industry of malpractice.

We recognize that it takes sitting in the dark to find the light and addressing the negative to pave the path to the positive for ourselves and others in the future.

There is a gap in Medical Care and until Providers no longer put themselves on an Egotistical Pedistool, until providers and patients can effectively and efficiently work together in a full spectrum manner, until providers of all birthing realms can work together and collaborate for the sake of a mother centered birth experience, and until all birthing people are treated in an inclusive manner while given consent, education, information while being honored.

We all must take responsibility for demanding the evolution of maternal and paternal healthcare in all birthing realms today.

It is time we speak out, name names, use your voice, join in the movement to bringing awareness to the problem so that full spectrum inclusive support becomes the standardized medical care in all societies.

You are a sacred element of this sisterhood. 

You are a piece of the puzzle of change.

This Study is Shedding light, empowerment and awareness on the dark side of Birth by gathering statistical proof of the global medical issue that is truly at hand

You can submit your birth trauma story in text, video or audio format here:

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