Contains NO Spermicides

Causes ZERO Side Effects

The Wombsisterhood has been studying the experiences of those utilizing SMC Birth Control for the past 2 years, we have had 0 unwanted pregnancies reported.


All natural, plant-based

Water, glycerin, potassium oleate, palmate, castorate, citrate, mono- and diglycerides. It contains no hormones, no spermicides, no fragrance, no preservatives.


  • THE BENEFITS OF SWC BIRTH CONTROL – Safe naked sex, Hormone free, No Spermicide No Chemicals No mood swings No pill No Side Effects and best of all No pregnancies

  • HOW IS SWC DIFFERENT? – SWC Will immobilize the sperm in the vagina Immobilized sperm cannot make the journey to the Fallopian tubes, the only place where an egg can get fertilized. Without fertilization, it is impossible to get pregnant

  • WHY CHOOSE SWC BIRTH CONTROL – Naked sex is still the best comfortable and most exciting! With SWC no diaphragm or condom is needed, so you can really enjoy safe vaginal love making.

  • WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO APPLY SWC? – Apply immediately before your partner penetrates you. Apply SWC after foreplay is finished, before penetration.

  • COST PER USE | IS SWC CHEAPER THEN OTHER BIRTH CONTROL? Yes! 1 container has 50 applications this is extremely inexpensive!



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The Wombsisterhood SWC Testimonies:

"If I’m in my fertile window I use Smart Women’s Choice I’ve been using it for 18 months and no babies so far. Love the product no hormones or bad side effects its a big win for me! The directions are pretty simple and we don't pull out"

-Wombsister Tiffany Miller

"I’ve been using Smart Women’s Choice for two months now and so far so good! No burning, itching, & the product has no odor. I was terrified to rely on it at first because it seemed too good to be true but now I can relax!

Thank you Smart Women’s Choice!"

-Wombsister Cassie Dallara

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