Another WombSister lost during childbirth.....#weriseforher

"A St. Augustine mother of four who died during childbirth will be laid to rest this week.

As her newborn son, Matthew Accurso Jr., fights for his life after his mother, Lauren Accurso, passed away while giving birth to him, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report released Tuesday that more U.S. women are dying from pregnancy-related causes.

Though the CDC report said more than half of those deaths are preventable, Accurso’s family said it was a very rare and unpreventable medical emergency that took her life.

According to the CDC report, although pregnancy-related deaths are rare — about 700 a yearthey have been rising for decades. 

The report found that about one-third of maternal deaths happened during pregnancy, a third were during or within a week of birth, and the rest were up to a year later.

READ: CDC report on pregnancy-related deaths

Overall, according to the report, heart disease and stroke caused more than one in three pregnancy-related deaths. Other leading causes included infections and severe bleeding. The leading causes of death varied by timing of the pregnancy-related death.

The CDC looked at about 3,000 pregnancy-related deaths from 2011 through 2015, using death certificates. Researchers also looked at more intensive investigations of about 250 deaths done in 13 states from 2013 through 2017.

The latter review determined that 60% of deaths were preventable. 

The report also found black women, along with Native Americans and Alaska natives, are three times more likely to die before, during or after having a baby.

Though the report is heartbreaking, it may shed light on health concerns that can be managed safely and save another mother’s life. 

In the meantime, Accurso’s family is praying for baby Matthew and planning a celebration of life for Accurso on Saturday at Crescent Beach Baptist Church at 885 State Road 206 East in St. Augustine. Before that, there will be a visitation from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday at Craig Funeral Home at 1475 Old Dixie Highway in St. Augustine. "


"Resting inside Wolfsons Children's Hospital next to his father is newborn Matthew Jr. As he was coming into the world, his mother, Lauren Accurso, was leaving unexpectedly during childbirth.

As her husband, daughters and church family grieve, they pray baby Matthew survives. 

The family's pastor, Matt McCloghry, recalled the moment he learned something went wrong during Accurso's fourth childbirth.

"(It was) very sudden, really, just through text message and a phone: Something is happening, and we need to pray," McCloghry said. "It was really shortly thereafter a group of us went down to the hospital, and we heard the news."

McCloghry has pastored the Accurso family since he opened his church three years ago. 

As Matthew Jr. and his father continue to bond in the neonatal intensive care unit, their pastor and their church are praying endlessly.

It's unclear what led to Accurso's death, but it was described as an unpreventable and rare medical condition.

Though Matthew Jr. will not grow up with his mother, there are many memories that others, like his father, sisters and McCloghry, can share about Accurso, who was a wife, mother, friend and believer -- a woman who had a bright smile and a caring heart.

"Her personality was just lovely," McCloghry said. "She was so bubbly. She was an incredible wife and incredible mom but she was a strong believer." 

McCloghry believes Accurso, the kind mother of four, is resting peacefully in heaven.

A donation account was created to support the Accurso family.

As of Friday evening, $125,000 had been raised."



Please join the on-going investigation to determine how we can best END the preventable deaths and trauma occurring at the hands of professionals.

Have you experienced on some level a traumatic birth experience?

What is a Traumatic Birth?

A traumatic birth is an experience a birthing person has that is percieved in a traumatic manner..whether they were not listened to, not respected, not given options, full information or consent, things did not go to plan..there was no plan..

Maybe standard medical care left you feeling vulnerable and in an emergency situation, possibly even though you were a healthy mother with a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Maybe the natural birth community fell short of providing you the support. validation and empowerment they promised when it came down to inconvenient facts of the matter.

Trauma can be experienced on a large spectrum- meaning what is traumatic for one person may not be for another, but this is one area the gap needs to be filled, by not discrediting others trauma regardless of where it lands on the spectrum because ALL BIRTH MATTERS and all trauma is valid.

The Positive Pregnancy Journey Organization is conducting this global poll to help evidence based research gauge how rapidly traumatic birth is spreading throughout the US and across the globe.

If you vote yes or no, Please comment your Country Location and story.

These statistic results will show in the 2019 WMACP endorsed by TPPJO.


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