Are you tired of hearing: "Birth without fear" while wondering how you can actually do it?


There is a lot of talk in the *natural birth community* about taking your pregnancy into your own hands and birthing without fear.

But not everyone has gotten the opportunity to learn about what it means to birth without fear-due to certain limitions in support, biases, racism, inequalities and Standardization.

You should not disregard your fears and just shove your feelings under the soil, but instead validate them and openly discuss them so your anxieties are prevented, prepared for and supported.

The Wombsisterhood is here to tell you that whether you are birthing in hospital, giving belly birth, free birthing at home, laboring at a birthing center or your own house, you CAN be open with yourself and your birth team about your fears, your worries can be validated and properly prepared for, prevented and support under any case

What is your biggest FEAR or WORRY when you think about giving birth? This is your opportunity to transmute your fears into empowerment and gain the confidence you desire to accomplish your positive birth experience regardless of circumstances, no matter where or how you give birth. You get an MP3 Exercise playlist and a full PDF Guide to help you complete this empowering exercise. Click here to JOIN this Online Exercise: [] #tendingthementalprenatalgarden #pregnancy #duedate #abouttopop #pregnantlife #bellybump #bumplife #pregnant #duedate #duemonth #birthplan #childbirtheducation #thewombsisterhood #thepositivepregnancyjourney

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