Birth Story | Wombsister Erica's Homebirth

For 5 years I dreamed of having a homebirth. Between losing Kadius early and as a result, the anxiety I carried during my pregnancy with Sariah, it just never ended up being the right fit until now.

This was hugely fulfilling and empowering for me so I decided I’d share my birth story for anyone who’s interested ☺️👶🏼

On Monday night at work I had noticed my contractions were feeling a little different than normal but I already had a few spirts of ‘false labor’ (prodromal) so I didn’t want to get too excited or fixate on it so I went on with my night as I normally would. Cal and I went to bed around 10:30 that night. At 1:19 AM I woke up due to a contraction and pretty much instantly knew that it was officially baby time and also had a feeling it was going to be quick.

Cal started filling up the pool, got the diffuser running, etc. while I bounced on the yoga ball and called my midwife and my mom. Cal and I took about 15 minutes to just relax and cuddle together while we waited and it began to get hard for me to stay still. About 30 minutes later my water broke and both my mom and midwife were here very shortly after.

Once the pool was filled I was very eager to get in. I labored a large portion in there and I really felt it helped so much. After awhile I got out to use the bathroom. Swayed/ slow danced with Cal in the hall to get through a couple contractions afterwards and then ultimately transitioned to the living room where I used the couch, pillows and a yoga mat to get grounded and ready to deliver. Our sweet malamute Daisy came out very shortly after and calmly joined the support team.

By the last several contractions I could feel him moving lower and lower. I finally reached down and could feel his head crowning. I remember looking at Cal and smiling. I was so excited we’d finally be meeting our baby earth side. I did not actively push until this point as I wanted to allow my body to do most of the work instinctively on its own. By now Cal got into position with our midwife ready to catch baby. Once Kylo’s head was out he did get a touch stuck at the shoulders, but with a little repositioning and an extra little nudge from our midwife he wasn’t stuck for long and into Cal’s hands at 4:56 AM ✨

My first words as I turned around to grab him were “oh my Gosh, his red hair 🥺😍” as I turned into an absolute puddle. My L&D was only about 3.5 hours, no tearing and Kylo was a pro with breastfeeding right away 🙌🏼 It truly was everything I could’ve ever wanted.

Callahan was the most amazing, loving and supportive partner. My mom helped capture these amazing moments (a few more ‘censored’ of these below 🙂) and our Midwife Tehmina knew exactly what to do and what I needed at every moment. To have this kind of support and love is something I will never take for granted. I am SO blessed and thankful 💛

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