Birth Story: Wombsister Katies Homebirth Story

I did it 🙌🏻

My first natural home birth and everything went so perfect it still feels like a dream.

Our team green baby ended up being a boy! I swore it was a girl my entire pregnancy so I was in complete shock when I held up his bum and it was indeed ... NOT a girl 😂

I was 41 weeks 3 days pregnant and had my first contraction at 7am. Bounced on the ball and did some nipple stimulation and things picked up fast.

I texted my photographer around 8 to let her know today was the day! She came right away and cheered me on through early labor.

My midwives arrived around 10:30, I got in the pool around 11:20, my water broke at 12:10 in the pool, FER kicked in and pushed my baby out at 12:17pm.

Total labor lasted 5 hours. My little man was born into my hands weighing 7lbs12oz.

Everything from start to finish was absolutely perfect and surreal.

My husband was my biggest support person, he never left my side once contractions started to get painful.

AND I got to share such an amazing experience with my mom, mother in law, and my 5 year old daughter. I couldn’t have pictured a more amazing birth.

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