Birth Story: Wombsister Sians Homebirth

Hello everyone! I thought I would share my birth story al the way from New Zealand 🙂 I love reading and watching all the mamas birth stories on here, you are all amazing!

My 3rd child (2nd daughter) - Ally Rai Voss was born on August 1st weighing 8pd5oz and 55cms long. I was exactly 39 weeks. We had a water birth at home - completely drug free.

Previous births were 3.5hours with 50mins of pushing and 1hour with 25mins pushing - both drug free.

I had been having contractions and cramping for a week and was becoming extremely ‘over it’ so I asked my midwife if she could do a stretch and sweep which she agreed - I was 4cm already. 2 days went by and I had a show. At 8:10am Cramping ramped up and the contractions were 5-7mins apart. I got my partner to fill the pool and started to phone my family and midwife. Family started to arrive and so did my midwife - she had checked me and I was 7cms and fully effaced but my waters were still intact. By now my lounge was full with family - 14 people to be exact + my midwife and her student midwife. I paced up and down my stairs until finally getting into the bath. The pain increased hugely in my back and I was uncomfortable- never get this in my previous births. It now was 11:30am and I was begging my midwife to break my waters as I felt so my pressure - she declined and said I can do it myself (happy she did as I don’t like any interference). 11:50 came and my waters broke - 2 pushes later and Ally made her entrance, head and body exiting all at once - her cord was around her neck and she came out sunny side up(posterior birth). She was healthy and screamed the house down for a good few minutes. We did delayed cord clamping and tied the cord with a tie that is special to our Maori culture. I had no tears or grazes much to my midwifes surprise.

This was my hardest birth and most painful birth - mainly due to her being posterior but I am so proud of myself for bringing her into this world but couldn’t have done it without my amazing (HUGE) support team!

Here are some snapshots, enjoy! And thank you all for sharing your special moments with us.

All the best to all the new and upcoming mummies ❤️

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