Seeking a cure to morning sickness, all day sickness or Hypermesis Gravidarum: From Pyroluria or H. Pylori Infection?

Look no further- you found IT!


Morning sickness affects about 70-80% of all pregnant women. It’s caused by a combination of factors, including hormones, nutrient status, genetic factors and sometimes the presence of certain bacteria in the gut.

Studies have shown that improving levels of certain nutrients – particularly Vitamin B6 – often improves symptoms. That may be because they play a role in hormone balance – particularly the regulation of the hormone cortisol – which affects blood sugar. Low blood sugar can cause nausea, which is why many doctors and midwives recommend eating frequently to help stabilize blood sugar (every 2-3 hours) when nausea is present.

In addition to B6, other nutrients that may help balance hormones (including cortisol) and stabilize blood sugar are B12, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin D.

Doctors and midwives often also encourage mamas to keep stress levels as low as possible. That’s because excess cortisol – which is often called “The Stress Hormone” – can cause surges and dips in blood sugar

Zinc carnosine – has been shown to have an inhibitory effect on H pylori


Pyroluria is controversial in the health world. Some doctors say it’s not a “real” issue, and some M.D.’s say it is, and that it’s relatively common. The same is true for the MTHFR genetic mutation– some doctors don’t acknowledge that it has clinical implications, but its links to several major health conditions are now being discussed in mainstream medical articles like like this one.

Pyroluria is thought to be a genetic metabolic condition which causes elevated pyrroles in the blood. Pyrroles bind to vitamin B6 and zinc, which is a problem because our bodies eliminate the pyrroles (and the B6 and zinc which bound to them) through urine. Essentially, what this means is that individuals with pyroluria are continually peeing out their B6 and zinc, leaving them chronically deficient.

According to Judy Tsafrir, M.D., pyroluria is treatable with targeted supplementation with proper minerals and vitamins that properly absorb and utilize the benefits of each property.


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