HANDS OFF | Create your Legally Binding Birthplan

What is the *HANDS OFF* option on The Wombsisterhood Legally Binding Birthplanner Template?

HANDS OFF means:

•All particpating medical staff is to keep their eyes on the birth and their hands off while baby is descending earthside.

•It benefits the birthing person in preventing unnecessary trauma, tearing, hormonal interference & outside bacteria.

•It benefits the baby in preventing unnecessary trauma to their body, mind and soul through their entrance earthside, it allows baby to make their own way without force or interference.

•It informs your provider and supporting medical staff to use expectant management.

•It is a reminder to your birth team to trust your body and baby.

•It is an invitation of permission to the birthing family to take action and part in the process of catching their baby.

•Hands Off is a standard of how you desire to be treated in the moment of listening to your bodies intuiton.

•This request is to ensure your birth team respects the way your birth unfolds without force or interference.

•Hands Off is an invitation to hold space & provide support as needed, if extra support is needed the birthing person can voice this request.

Use the *Hands Off* Icon and label a part of your Legally Binding Birthplan to communicate your fully educated decisions to your birth team even when you cannot physically communicate.

Your Birthplan speaks FOR you with legal power.




Create YOUR #birthplan here:


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