Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra

You've heard of delayed cord clamping benefits for babies physical body, but what about the life force energy benefits for the mother and baby?

The hormonal and energetic imprinting benefits of DCC for mama and baby are not talked about enough.

Delayed cord clamping is allowing all of babies blood supply and oxygen to transfer from their placenta through the cord into their body, after being birthed from their first home through a powerful and emaculate event of labor, mother and baby need this golden time following birth to decompress, reflect and ground into this new realm together as the postpartum hormonal shift takes place.

The hormones of birth include estrogen and progesterone, oxytocin, beta-endorphins, prolactin and catecholamines, this very intricate dance of life is fragile and transcending.

The placental production of estriol increases by more than 1,000 times close to the onset of labor and progesterone production increases 10-18 times higher.

Almost immediately after delivery of the placenta progesterone levels return to what they were pre-pregnancy. Estrogen levels after pregnancy remain at the same high level, resulting in what is called estrogen dominance.

This is a huge shift, a spiritually transitional physical portal into this new realm with your baby now earthside.

They just traveled from the astral, through your wombportal into their new physical vessel and that is a BIG DEAL.

It’s totally normal for you to feel moody and emotional from this hormonal roller coaster. You may even find yourself crying, seemingly for no reason. As you start to settle into your new realm and routine, you begin bonding with your baby, the crying outbursts will usually settle down in a few weeks as your hormones ground and settle. The honoring of the placenta helps ground you.

By allowing this sacred organ your body and baby grew to stay attatched to your baby, without immediately severing that LIFE FORCE ENERGY, you are binding the realms together not only energetically but also physically- this gives both yours and your babies hormonal process and energetic connection the chance to ground and settle into your bodies while aligning.

It is meant to be honored in ritual for its conciousness and thriving magical existence

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Excerpted from Placenta, The Forgotten Chakra by Robin Lim

The placenta, the root of your origin, is a miraculous organ that shares and protects your life.  It is the conductor that unites you with your mother and serves as the control panel of the womb-ship that sustains you until you are born. It was conceived at the moment of your genesis.

Your placenta is genetically identical to you. Though you share some of your parents’ genetic identity, unless you have a monozygotic (identical) twin, no one, except your placenta, has ever been so perfectly, exactly you.

Sexual reproduction, the act of creating new life, only works because of the placenta. As mammals, we reproduce sexually, so sex is the reddest, hottest tile in the mosaic of our earthly lives, and the placenta is the mandala in the center of this miracle.

Historically, our creation stories tell of the Earth Mother birthing the world: her amniotic fluid became the oceans, the placenta became the Tree of Life. This demonstrates how essential the placenta is to our survival and how embedded it is in our psyche.

The Birth Trinity: Baby, Cord, Placenta

At birth, it is important to be sure that the baby, placenta, mother and family are truly ready for the umbilical cord to be cut. I believe that if the cord is to be severed at all, it is important to do this with reverence and pure intention, since once the baby-cord-placenta trinity is broken, it cannot be restored.

Ask the placenta and the baby, “Is this OK with you?” Say a silent prayer, asking forgiveness for the separation caused by the severance of the cord.

Take your time! Go slowly! There is no need to hurry or worry.

Remember: cutting the cord is not a rescue operation, though to see it done it hospitals you would think it is. It is indeed the rushing and the cutting that we need to rescue babies from.

“It must not be forgotten that it is the placenta, an organ composed of cells, that is performing the choosing, giving/taking, storing and carrying. For example, it knows when there is a need for iron, chooses the element iron from among other substances and knows how it should be used. It is not a human being that has this knowledge, but a collection of cells called the placenta. The fact that a cell can recognize an element is surely a miracle.

What is even more miraculous is that it can take the appropriate material in the required amount and carry it to a particular location.

The events that occur in the miracle of human and all mammalian creation indicate a consciousness displayed by the cells, and by the molecules and atoms that produce the cells. Indeed, this consciousness does not belong to any of them, but to God who creates them and inspires in them the functions that they are to perform.”  -Robin Lim

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