The Truth about Hypnosis in Childbirth

Updated: Feb 20

Let's talk about what ISN'T talked about enough when it comes to #hypnobirthing and #hypnobabies

What is a Hypnosis for Childbirth?

A birthing method that uses self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help a woman feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared and reduce her awareness of fear, anxiety and pain during childbirth.

A LOT of us see hypnobirths that look peaceful, calm, in a trance, silent and totally blissed out, even orgasmic while smiling.

And we are SO EXCITED to prepare for that experience the same way they did- But..did we do something wrong because- as some of us know, we def didn't look or sound like that when our birth arrived.

Let's talk about it Sis.

#hypnobirth does not equal:



•In a trance like meditation.

•Peacefully prevailing.



Hypnosis equals inviting the opportunity of acceptance, flow and intution, to be led by your babies soul and guided by your body, whatever that looks and sounds like for you while you drift in between realms, fully protected and supported by your hypnotic cues and reminders.

You are allowed to be EMPOWERED & PRIMAL at the same time.

"My baby was born right on his due date! January

26 right at home!

Fast 3 hour labor

We Practiced hypno birthing but holy moly

There was a lot more primal sounds than I ever expected to come out of my mouth 🤣🤣🤣

Just so I don’t feel alone

Anyone not be able to stay “calm”

during transition/pushing

was not quiet like I imagined I’d be 😅😅"


It can feel dissapointing and shocking to have a vision that ultimately manifests differently when the big day arrives- Which is why it is SO important to give yourself permission to be open to all expression, to follow your body and baby, to be primally empowered by your own intuition and know that whatever your expression looks like- There is no wrong way to express and prevail through your unique birthing experience.

Education, Expereince and Open Minded Preparation equal empowerment.

Hear from some REAL Hypnotic Birthing Wombsisters and embrace the permission from the collective to #birthyourway


ACTIVATE your nervous system:

Give your mind permission to follow your bodies insincts and support it through the marathon of labor and birth with your support tools through the sacred senses of Hypnosis, Movement/Position, Sound, Smell, Touch Etc.


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