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Updated: Mar 12

This article contains up to date necassary support items for a new mother and baby.

This article contains affiliate links which support The Worldwide Wombsisterhood in providing free global support.

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When people say you don't need much, they are talking about for the newborn.

The First Year Postpartum is best experienced when you are fully properly prepared, a baby shower SHOULD help families prepare for the full spectrum postpartum experience.

It is NOT JUST about baby, it should be very much about the Mother as well.

The root of lack in proper postpartum support is not solely focused in after birth - but the lack of necessary support to prepare for postpartum during pregnancy for both Mother and Baby.

People are often focused on unnecessary baby items instead of the necessities to support a mother through the days, weeks, months and years postpartum with newborn(s).


The Hakaa Pump

The ingenious Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump is a must-have in any mums’ baby bag. In order not to waste any drops of breast milk, Gen 2 haakaa silicone breast pump have a upgrade suction base with a sealed silicone cap. Squeeze the pump, press it to your breast and let it do the work for you as your milk is expressed using the power of natural suction!

Anxiety Relief tincture for Mama

Organic herbal ticnture for anxiety and depression safe for pregnancy, postpartum and nursing


For pain and muscle soreness

Ergo omni 360

Our all-in-one, newborn ready Omni 360 has all the carry positions you need. The Omni 360 grows with your baby from week 1 to 48 months and will support a child up to 45 lbs. You can have it all in this carrier.

3in1 diaper bag

Ring sling Babycarrier

Everyone with a Newborn needs a Ring sling

Frida Mom Upsidedown Peribottle

Way better than the hospital squirt bottle, the MomWasher is a peri bottle designed to make postpartum healing cleaner and easier. No hand in the toilet required. No pressure on c-section soreness. Think bidet for your vajay…now that's magic.

Motherlove babyshower box

A wrapped and ready-to-gift bundle of pregnancy, birth, and baby herbal body care. From pregnancy and labor to breastfeeding and baby, these products nurture with USDA Certified Organic herbs and pure ingredients.

This Gift Box includes five popular Motherlove products: Pregnant Belly Salve, Sitz Bath Spray, Birth & Baby Oil, Nipple Cream, and Diaper Balm. BONUS: This bundle is complete with a reusable Motherlove tote made from recycled materials.

Absolutely must have

Foldable sitz bath for postpartum healing- Use to soak and steam

May relieve symptoms such as postpartum wounds, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, itching of the genitals or pain in the anus, genitals or perineum.

Sitz bath herbs

A blend of Epsom Salt, Marshmallow Root, Witch Hazel bark, Uva Ursi leaf, Yarrow leaf, Chamomile flower, Lavender flower, Chickweed leaf and Calendula flower that offers a soothing and calming effect to the perineal tissues after labor.

4 large sachets of loose leaf herbal tea & epsom salt. Gluten Free. Pregnancy Safe.

Postpartum Spray with Witch hazel

Herbal Perineal Spray For Cooling Comfort “Down There”. No Parabens, Butane, Propellants, or Artificial Fragrance. Herbal Perineal Spray is a natural touch-free herbal mist for pregnancy and postpartum use, with a clever upside down sprayer so it’s easier to reach hard-to-get places. With cooling cucumber, organic witch hazel and organic herbs traditionally used for postpartum relief, Herbal Perineal Spray helps soothe perineal discomfort before and after childbirth. No parabens, butane, propellants, artificial preservatives or artificial fragrance. ‘Cause who wants any of that down there? About Earth Mama: From the positive test to the big push, from the first latch to the thousandth diaper, Earth Mama Organics makes effective organic and natural herbal products for the whole journey of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and baby care.

Frida Hospital Bag Kit

Kick that hospital bag packing list to the curb. This one step prep kit takes you from first contraction to first postpartum bathroom trip post pregnancy (no hospital mesh underwear maternity ward thievery required). All essentials are designed and packaged for registry and baby shower gifting for all expecting mothers. A must have.


2 pack Nursing/pumping bras

Reusable Organic Bamboo Breast pads

Because we drip through out the day & wake up in that notorious puddle of milk sometimes at night that breast pads catch and support

Disposable breast pads

Nursing gown

Nursing tanktop

Nursing shirt

Nursing Longsleeve

Silver Nipple Savers

Silverette are small cups crafted out of pure 925 silver that fit over and help to protect nipples while breastfeeding. Since 2002, silverette cups have enjoyed a resounding and growing success with mothers, doctors and obstetricians. They are the only and original nursing cups made in Italy by fully licensed silversmiths. Silverette cups are easy and comfortable to use – and no additional creams or lotions are necessary. Silverette’s patented anatomical shape has been tested to fit any size nipple.

Soothing Breast compress

Soothing Nursing Pillows with Flaxseed, Heating Pad or Cold Compress for Breastfeeding

Nipple shields (Just incase)

Breastfeeding is important for mom and baby, but some women experience difficulties early on that may impact her success. Keeping baby at breast while overcoming these challenges helps preserve the mother-baby bond. The Medela Contact Nipple Shield is designed to address common issues such as latch-on difficulties, flat or inverted nipples, and sore nipple

The Nustle breast comfort + hands free pumping wrap

The Nustle is designed to offer both heating and cooling therapies to support milk production and supression for all stages of your breastfeeding journey.

Medical Grade 1ml Syringes (for Antenatal expression & topping off)

What is antenatal hand expression? This technique involves expressing colostrum in the final few weeks of pregnancy. It can also be referred to as 'colostrum harvesting' and is advocated by some NHS Trusts. Mothers are normally advised to wait until around 36 weeks before starting antenatal expression.

Order your syringes here:

Learn all abour Milk collecting/Harvesting/Antenatal expression here:

Incredible high waisted panties

High Waisted Waterproof Postpartum Panties

The comfy high waist design is gentle around your waist for abdominal support, and is ideal coverage for c-section incision lines


If you sleep on your back or front, the leak proof layer gives you full protection


The absorbent mid section will comfortably contain the equivalent of 2 x tampons


Bamboo fabric is ideal for underwear: smooth and soft, it is also wicks away sweat 400% faster than cotton

Fitted waterproof bedsheet

Postpartum is messy, between night sweats, lochia bleeding, boob leaks, newborn spit up & leaky diapers, all mothers need a waterproof bedsheet. The first year is best experienced, prepared for!

Tummy/back support wedge

For pregnancy abdonimal sleep support snd postpartum back support while side nursing which can be very rough on the

After Birth Pain tincture

After pains usually increase with the more pregnancies you have endured, as your uterus contracts back to prepregnancy size- these pains taper off by day three after giving birth, but can last longer.

The combination of herbs in Herb Lore After Pain Relief Tincture is very effective for relieving after birth pains (after pains) and cramping, which typically happens after a mother has given birth to her second or subsequent babies

Motherlove Csection Cream

Heating pad

The afterbirth contractions and healing of the womb are also supported by warmth

Tux wipe pads

Witch hazel pads for postpartum clean up

KindredBravely Hands free pumping bra

Patented Busty Hands Free Pumping Bra with unique EasyClip is a game-changer for nursing and pumping moms. The innovative dual-clip functionality allows for hands-free pumping, unobstructed nursing access, or tandem nursing and pumping - no wardrobe change necessary!

F, G, H, I Cup

Medela pump part wipes

If you plan to pump while breastfeeding, cleaning the parts of your pump is a must

Kindred bravely Nursing Bralette

For ultimate comfort on mom and baby’s skin, our Simply Sublime Busty Nursing Bra is constructed of 93% nylon, 7% spandex.

KindredBravely Csection recovery panties

"These postpartum underwear saved me from my c-section incision pain. People tell you to take all the mesh underwear from the hospital when you leave but you don't and then your regular underwear sit directly in your incision and make sitting, which you're about to do 99% of the time with a newborn, so very painful. My incision became inflamed and so painful and I got so sick of wearing those mesh undies that I finally ordered these and I can't say enough good things about them. I wish I'd gotten these before I left the hospital and I will definitely tell all my new mom friends they absolutely need these asap after a c-section and probably just birth in general. BUY THESE ASAP!"

Bidet toilet sprayer

Perfect for Postpartum lochia clean up and cloth diaper clean up and

Postpartum discreet diaper

With Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear for Women, Maximum Absorbency, you can get incredible protection that stays in place and helps you get through your day even when you experience large amounts of leakage. With a RapidDry Core to lock away wetness and odor, as well as Double LeakGuards to help prevent leaks, you can get secure leakage protection. This incontinence underwear for women is made with gentle, cotton-like fabric, and has a soft waistband that follows your body’s curves for extra comfort.

MaryRuth morning mineral

Essentials+ is an easily absorbed & readily bioavailable daily multivitamin, made to support your body’s metabolism, immune system & overall health. Vitamin A supports tissue and bone repair, while Vitamin C aids in the development of healthy muscles, connective tissue and skin. Vitamin D3 works to help build bones & teeth, assisting the body in mineral absorption. Highly bioactive K2 (Menaquinone-7) is crucial for strong bones. B Vitamins are vital for metabolic processes, energy levels, as well as the nervous system. These formulas are designed for maximum absorption and assimilation to ensure that your body gets the essential elements it needs*.

Magnesium/zinc complex supplement

Crucial for postpartum mental, physical and emotional health + recovery

Vit b complex

Collagen gummies

Organic Irish Seamoss Gel

Crucial to the bodies cellular makeup, organ health and endoctrine system

Sea Moss contains vitamins and trace minerals, including:









Sunflower lecithin

Prevent clogged ducts

Poke root

Prevent/fight mastitis without the need for antibiotics

Brewers yeast

Increases Milk production

Happy ducts tincture

Relieve clogged milk ducts


Oral Vitamin K

You can legally skip the Vit K injection and adminster oral Vit k on your own, or keep in on hand incase

Organic Newborn Bath essentials kit

Cradle cap/diaper rash balm

Moses Basket

These hand made Moses basket create a Safe, cozy and snug sleeping space.

It is Lightweight and small in size, they don’t take up too much space.

Easy to move around so you can keep a close eye on your baby.

All our baby bed are 100% natural, non-toxic and Eco friendly.

Durability and longevity – our Baby bed are weave by hand and since we want to serve our customers with the best, we take our time in weaving to get the best for our customers.

No matter where you are your kid can sleep close to your bedside contributing to your peace of mind.

Mattress pad is included

Hospital Grade Breastpump

Wipe warmer

Many people think these are unnecessary but truthfully, no one likes a wet cold wipe to their sleepy warm booty. This is a must have.

Nose frida

safe newborn/infant nose sucker

Love to dream Swaddle

When you place your baby to sleep on their back, their natural position is for their arms to go up. The Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original features a patented design that allows you to swaddle your baby with their arms up in this more natural position. The medical reason behind baby's desire to have access to their hands is that when they wake up at night, they want to self-soothe, which is simply stroking their cheeks or sucking on their hands. If they are swaddled with their arms restricted, they cannot do this, which causes them to wake, get frustrated, and try to get out of traditional swaddles. The Swaddle UP is a stretchy blend of Cotton and Elastane designed to be snug and cozy around their torso, contain baby's arms, and thereby calm the startle reflex, encouraging a long, restful night's sleep for Mom and baby. The Swaddle UP is safer than swaddling your baby with traditional blankets.

Organic Newborn/Infant Clothing

Cloth diapers with inserts

Infant carseat that transforms into stroller

Snuggleme organic

100% Organic Cotton

Made in USA

THE NEXT BEST THING TO BEING HELD IN YOUR ARMS. The Snuggle Me Lounger is a unique lounging pad designed to hug your baby's full body. This snuggling sensation is highly effective at calming and comforting your baby when you need extra support wherever you are at and they need

Bedside cosleeper

Sleep comfortably and safely next to your baby

Set of 6 Burp cloths

Organic swaddles/recieving blankets

Soft Newborn blanket

TWIN nursing/lounging pillow

Large set of water wipes

Organic drool Bibs

Earth & Eden diapers

Earth & Eden water wipes

Organic Reusable Cloth Wipes

Sound machine

Because being in the outside womb world is dense and intense, the sound machine provides a soothing recognizable frequency that brings calm

Seventh generation Newborn Safe detergent

Super soft organic bamboo wash cloths

Diaper caddy

The mason Bottle


*This article is connected to sponsored resources *Please keep in mind that any and all supplements—vitamins, nutrients, herbs, enzymes, or other—should be used with caution. Our recommendation is that you QUESTION EVERYTHING- Do not settle for less than evidence based full spectrum information and care. We encourage you seek the care of a naturopathic doctor (with a doctorate degree from a federally-accredited program) and that you have a primary care physician or practitioner whom you can contact to help you with individual dosing, protocols and emergency. If you ever experience negative symptoms after taking a product, stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor right away.

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