Professional On call Non-biased virtual support, evidence based up to date education, empowerment, advocacy and emotional reassurance from the moment you book through 6 Months Postpartum, regardless of circumstances & gestation.
Because every Mother deserves full spectrum support 24-7.
WombMother Brittney is a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Student Midwife, Medical Researcher, Hypnocoach, Pre-Postnatal Therapist, Advocate, Grief Counselor, Energy Worker and Photographer. 
"I am Like a Professional unconditionally loving Mother with all of the answers and if I don't have an answer, I will find it." -WM Brittney
What is included in The Virtual Wombmother Package:
	-Wombmother Brittney's Direct Support line for 24-7 on call/txt/video guidance, counseling, education, advocacy and support as needed
	-Unlimited Questions answered
	-Prenatal Education & Information
	-Childbirth Education & Planning 
	-On call virtual childbirth support
	-On call Professional Advocacy as needed (Direct call in or guidance)
	-24/7 Postpartum-Newborn support
	-Evidence based full spectrum support for mental, physical and emotional health pre/postnatal
	-24/7 Emotional/Mental/Energetic reassurance pre/postnatal

"I am with you every step of the way and beyond"-WM Brittney

The Virtual Wombmother Package